RITM - Research Institute for Therapeutic Music

Do you suffer from:

- panic attacks or anxiety?
- problems with concentrating?
- sleep problems?
- chronical pain or tinnitus?
- relationship problems?
- health issues?

This music helps:

- feeling less anxious!
- improving focus and attention!
- creating greater tolerance!
- improving relaxation!
- having fewer tantrums!

This music in combination with an individual psychotherapeutic session based on cognitive behavioral therapy will help you to improve your life situation. We offer indivual therapeutic Skype-Sessons with Ingmar Hansch from "Psychological Life Coach Ibiza".

What is Therapeutic Music?

therapeutic msuic - music for therapy Therapeutic music is the use of the healing elements of music and sound to create an environment conducive to healing. A large number of studies have confirmed the significant benefits that music provides to premature babies, cancer patients, both before and after surgery, people with attention deficits and Alzheimer patients.

An increasing number of health organisations are recognizing the benefits of and investing in therapeutic music. The type of therapeutic music played will depend on the needs and the circumstances of the person. Therapeutic musicians are trained to assess the behavior and condition of the patient and what type of communication he or she is able to receive. Well-documented studies have demonstrated the efficacy of therapeutic music in regulating heart rhythms and decreasing pain and anxiety levels.

Music therapy is used to help victims of severe brain trauma, children with autism syndrom, and seniors suffering from Alzheimer's disease. For children with ADHD music therapy bolsters attention and focus, reduces hyperactivity, and strengthens social skills.
How does it work?

Music provides structure.

Music is rhythm, rhythm is structure, and structure is soothing to an ADHD brain struggling to regulate itself to stay on a linear path. "Music exists in time, with a clear beginning, middle, and end," says Kirsten Hutchison, a music therapist at Music Works Northwest, a nonprofit community music school near Seattle. "That structure helps an ADHD child plan, anticipate, and react".

Music fires up synapses.

music depression

Research shows that pleasurable music increases dopamine levels in the brain. This neurotransmitter -- responsible for regulating attention, working memory, and motivation -- is in low supply in ADHD brains.

"Music shares neural networks with other cognitive processes," says Patti Catalano, a neurologic music therapist at Music Works Northwest. "Through brain imaging, we can see how music lights up the left and right lobes. The goal of music therapy is to build up those activated brain muscles over time to help overall function."

Just as Giffords used music to retrain her right brain to help her to talk, ADHD children can use music to train their brains for stronger focus and self-control in the classroom and at home.

Music is social.

music for alzheimer and depression "Think of an orchestra," says Tomaino, a 30-year veteran in music therapy. "If one instrument is missing, you can’t play the piece. All 'voices' are necessary."

This is what Hutchison teaches in "Social Skills Through Music," an eight-week course for children ages seven to 10.

Students participate in ensemble playing, write collaborative songs, and practice for an end-of-session performance.

"Students learn to listen, take turns, anticipate changes, and pick up on cues in ways they might not do outside of a music-therapy session," says Hutchison.

The music helps to reduce the symptoms of: ADHD, ADD, trauma, depression, anxiety, relationship problems etc.

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